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Journey to the Heart of Indigenous Culture and Personal Transformation with Ayahuasca at Sacha Wasi.

Dr. Scott

Important Notice

Due to the sad and unexpected passing of Dr. Scott Irwin on July 15, this site is being renovated to reflect changes necessary in the offerings at the retreat. Sacha Wasi is offering modified programs at the moment and they can be booked through the RetreatGuru website. You can find updated program information there. Please DO NOT book your retreat through this website at this time. Thank you for your understanding during our transition.

Explore your spirituality, connect with the healing power of nature, and find answers to life's bigger questions at Sacha Wasi.

Upcoming Plant
Medicine Retreats

Experience Cultural Immersion and Spiritual Awakening with Ayahuasca at Sacha Wasi.

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Dietas, Cleanses, and Rituals

Dietas, cleanses, and rituals are essential components of traditional indigenous healing practices in the Amazon. In addition to ayahuasca, they may include the use of other plant medicines, such as tobacco, guayusa, and Huachuma (San Pedro). These practices aim to purify the body and mind, remove negative energies and blockages, and connect the participant with the spirit realm.

The cleansing rituals involve the use of medicinal plants, smoke, and water to purify the body and energy field. Through these practices, participants can gain deeper insights into their inner selves and the natural world, ultimately leading to profound transformation and healing. 

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Explore the Amazon

Step into the heart of the Amazon and embark on a journey of discovery and transformation at Sacha Wasi.

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Voices of the People

Heal and Grow with a Plant Medicine Retreat

Enhance Your Ayahuasca Experience

Complement Your Healing Journey with Integrative Treatments at Sacha Wasi Jungle Medicine Clinic

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Cacao Ceremony

Immerse yourself in the ceremonial cacao experience, connecting deeply with music and drumming while enjoying a warm cup of ceremonial-grade cacao.

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Kambo Cleanse

Experience the powerful cleansing and purifying benefits of Kambo, a traditional Amazonian frog medicine that is known for its ability to boost the immune system, increase energy, and promote physical and emotional healing.

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Achieve Balance & Relaxation. Holistic Acupuncture/Cupping Promotes Physical & Emotional Well-being for a Complete Journey Experience.


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Sacha Wasi Crafts

Adorn your body with the crafts made in Sacha Wasi

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